Showcasing Jazz/World Music to students of all ages is the best way to create a new generation of artists and performers.

The Brighton Beat is made up of scholastically trained musicians who have spent their entire life honing their craft and furthering their understanding and love of music.  Now that the band has the opportunity to perform the music they have created and love, they also consistently give back to the communities that helped foster the talents and interest that made them who they are today.

In the Fall of 2017, with the help and direction of The Clayton Jazz Festival, the band launched a new brand of clinics, and in-school performances centered around engaging with students of all ages and showing them what modern Jazz and World Music is and can be. Giving them the tools to appreciate, understand and create it for themselves.


"Jazz in the Classroom" as it was dubbed, brings a multifaceted presentation to schools and institutions that both have strong music programs, or none at all. Part performance, part history lesson, part hands on experience make this an extremely unique event. The reward of being able to share the bands passion of improvisation and fusion of many musical influences is very evident in the energetic, fun and informative performances they tailor for each individual occasion. 

Many of the band members are full time faculty of some of the most respected music education facilities in the Northeast (Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, NYU)  and teach at all grade and skill levels. This makes for a potent pairing of real-world performance experience, and time-tested education acumen.

As they continue to grow and spread the music of The Brighton Beat, they wish to grow and spread the next generation of artists that speak and enjoy the language of music as well.  Each band member has had the benefit of being introduced to the world of Jazz and improvisation at a young age, and can easily recount the experiences they had of great inspiration, and encouragement. They now wish to pass the torch and give back for all they have received from a fulfilling life of music.

Please feel free to email  if you would like to know more about the programs they offer.