The 2016 release "Hear And Now" showcases the maturation of a band that has taken the time to hone its craft, sound and vision.  Going into the studio with a clear goal, and a road-worn cohesiveness, this record showcases the heart, joy and talent of The Brighton Beat.

Leading a band that has grown and developed together over the years, and refined its sound and approach, Sammy Wags took the opportunity to reflect on the roots of the project and infused the sessions with a joy, exuberance and raw exposed quality that harkens back to the early days of the project.  

Bringing loving, talented people together to make a truly new sound and experience has always been the goal of the band, and "Hear And Now" showcases the energy and experimentation of the future generation of Jazz musicians that aren't going to sit back and let the world pass them by. The Brighton Beat family have a lot to say, something very unique to offer, and they want to share it with all who will listen.

For the 2015 sophomore offering, The Brighton Beat decided to have a  crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to help grow community and to be afforded the ability to release there first in-studio offering with much more reach and support.  The campaign was a huge success and ended up far surpassing any original goals.

The album release party was held at the world-renowned Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC to sold-out audience.  The band looks at this record as a turning point  in the story of The Brighton Beat. This marks an important chapter welcoming many new players into the family, and establishing a new home in New York City.

The music is a bit more fleshed out, a bit more intricate, and a sign of bigger things to come.

The very first official offering from the band came from very humble beginnings.  Recorded in 2011, entirely live, with musicians dispersed throughout the Brighton, MA  apartment of Sammy Wags; The Brighton Beat LP was the first chance to show the world what the band has to offer.  Containing a few tracks that have proven to be live-show favorites, the sound is raw and the playing is energetic and experimental.

There is a certain nostalgia and fondness for this record felt by the players involved in these sessions.  With a large band spread out among many rooms, unable to visually communicate, the project relied solely on listening intently to each other and having faith that everyone would make section and groove changes as a unified team. Something that harkens back to the early days of recorded music. In fact,"Giraffe" and "Indian Summer" are single takes and were experiments that ended up proving to be worthy of the release.